Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Orange Puffle

Okay. I know a lot of you want an orange puffle on Club Penguin. Well, I’m going to try to make that happen. How? It’s simple– kind of. (ok, not really) YOU have to help me. Just comment this post, signing your Club Penguin user name. You don’t have to put anything else. Just your name. If you don’t do Club Penguin, put your blog user name. Then, when I have enough names, I will e-mail them to the Club Penguin people. Who knows– maybe they will consider it! If you don't do Club Penguin, and you still want to support us, you can put your blogger name, Webkinz name, any name! Just not your real name. If you have numerous penguins, put all of their names. That's what I did. (Following will help too) So PLEASE comment this post, signing your user name, to get the orange puffle on Club Penguin. We can do it!!!!! (Don't forget to tell your friends!!!)